Our Difference

Chicago is arguably one of the best food cities in the world. Serving unique spins on American classics like pizza, hot dogs, and steak sandwiches; keep our loyal patrons coming back for more.

Even though Chicago makes the American classics better than anyone else, it’s our Italian beef sandwich that has been talked about around the globe since the 1930’s - often imitated but never replicated...and like our pizza and hot dog, we further differentiate this mouth-watering culinary phenomenon by its sensational toppings: roasted sweet peppers and Giardiniera (jar•din•air•ah) - our city’s most beloved condiment. Required by locals and questioned by foreigners,


√ Pantry staple
√ Gluten Free
√ Keto and Paleo diet friendly

Definition: Giar•di•nie•ra- is an Italian relish of pickled vegetables in vinegar or oil. Simple, basic, and wanting to be so much more. 

Caruso’s Giardiniera is just that, more. Our family’s Giardiniera recipe has been handed down for generations. We have tried every commercial brand Chicago has to offer and have been unsuccessful in finding a version as authentic and delicious as ours.

The difference, Caruso Provisions is a small batch purveyor that values quality and consistency over everything. Each jar is hand packed with only the finest sourced peppers, vegetables, and spices, then submerged into our premium olive oil blend to hold these unique flavors together. The flavor is not just hot pepper; it is rich with olive oil and a hint of sweetness from the red bell peppers and carrots, some brightness from the vinegar, and a touch of salt, garlic, and oregano. So much more than just spicy; it makes your tastebuds salivate as soon as the jar top pops...

With over 50 million pounds sold locally each year, Giardiniera remains the quintessential Chicago condiment. One that’s as brazen and boisterous as the city itself, and ours is finally available for all to enjoy.

Our family’s legacy, handed down to you...

Sincerely, The Caruso’s